Stars and More Stars

I love to look at the stars, especially since I live in an area where there is a lot of light pollution. So when I’m far away from the city, I love to see the twinkling jewels in the sky. When I was a kid, I used to “connect the dots”, much as ancient astronomers did with zodiac signs. However, I always seemed to want more lines and dots than astologers of old were content with. Part of the joy for me of my art quilts is when you make it yourself, you can add what you want!

 “Stars and More Stars” (13" x 13") was mostly done during a trip through Bolivia. I knew that space and weight in my luggage would be limited, so this small 13’ x 13” format was perfect. I’ve sewn while sitting on my luggage while waiting for trains, buses, and planes all over the world. Even though I often don’t speak the native language, people will stop to watch and somehow, connections are made through words and gestures.

 Besides star buttons, I’ve used plastic pinwheels pieces from children’s toys and snowflake beads to get LOTS of stars in this small piece. I even made  a star from melting plastic strips and embedding a glass cabochon in it.(lower left) I can usually find the materials I need without manufacturing them, but sometimes, you just have to make your own supplies to get the effect you want!

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