Staycation: sunset pond walks

Playing came first with this project. With the hand-dyed fabric I received from Quilting Arts and another scrap of hand-dyed fabric, I pieced a row of irregular wedges. I pieced another row using two batiks. I decided to glue down the right sides of these two rows so the raw edges could have their say. With a button and piece of elastic, both metallic gold, I formed a sun with emanating light. I added pieces of black sparkly ribbon to make three vertical lines among the raw edges of the batiks. I discovered my concept…on my staycation, I've walked around our pond nearly every evening, when the heat of the day has subsided a bit. The colors of the setting sun blend together like watercolors in the sky. The rays play on the surface of the pond and all the plant life. The summer breeze and changing light cause all forms – airy, watery, solid – to continuously transform. Thank you, Quilting Arts, for the beautiful piece of fabric and a very rewarding project. Andrea E. Johnson, Lake Elmo, MN

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One thought on “Staycation: sunset pond walks

  1. Hi, Andrea, great job on your staycation postcard — it was safely received in our offices, BTW. You used the hand-dyed strip of fabric from us so effectively, and I really like how you pressed the seams open and exposed them. Creative! I hope you enjoyed the challenge, and had a nice staycation summer.  Best, Kristine