still working on it :)

This quilt still has no name ???? It has 9 kaliedscopes now and is getting hand quilted in a spiral design she is a big quilt about 9 ft x 7ft so the quilting will take awhile but is going fast , Ive got a area in the middle the size of a good size baby quilt in 3 days, so many believe it takes to long to hand quilt but to me its the icing on the cake of a quilt, All the thinking ,planning, worrying is over and its just me and a needle until its pronounced 'done', One nice benefit is in the cold snap we are all having I can snuggle and quilt

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2 thoughts on “still working on it :)

  1. Call it  “Kaliedscope 9”  Ha!Ha!  I love whatever you call it!  I have had a kaliedscope since I was a kid, and to see it as a quilt is….Really Cool!! Great job!! That must have been a lot of work.

  2. A friend of mine is working on a kaliedscope quilt.  Hers is not nearly as hugh as yours is.  I like the snuggle under the quilt part but not the hand quilting part, at least not on something so large.  It looks wonderful!