"Storm at Sea" by Janet Blackwell and Sandy Huntress

Quilter in Distress: Janet Blackwell
Rescuer: Sandy Huntress

"Storm at Sea" • 35" x 37"

Janet: "I took a class to make a beautiful Storm at Sea pattern. To my dismay I was confronted with bias edges and templates. I did finish one block which has been aging for approximately 10 years. The fabric is beautiful and stormy, the remainder of which was put back in my stash."

Sandy: "The first thing I decided to do when I received the single "Storm at Sea" block was to make three more blocks to complete the pattern. Then the name gave me the whimsical thought of making a scene of little boats in a storm. After some experimenting, I liked the dimensional and layered effect of the tulle used for the waves. Arranging the colors from dark to light gave the illusion of depth. I've used three-dimensional appliqué on other projects and thought it worked perfectly. The waves needed whitecaps so out came my paints. I tucked treasures of shells and beads in and behind the waves."


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5 thoughts on “"Storm at Sea" by Janet Blackwell and Sandy Huntress

  1. Sandy, What an exciting scene.  It almost seems to actually move in front of my eyes.   Great job.  Janet must be delighted to have a piece of your excellent work.


    Nita Markos

  2. This is an excellent interpretation of the block name.   Your application of tuule changed the background completely and gave a great 3-D base for the boats.   Well done!!