Sue Bleiweiss’ studio (2)

My sewing machine table, another piece built by my husband.  The machines are on lifts so they can be raised above the table surface or lowered below.  I have inserts that cover the holes in the table when the machines are in their lowest position giving me another flat surface to work on if I need it.  When the machines are in the up position an insert that molds around the base of the machine creates a flush even surface making for easy sewing.  This piece is also on rolling locking casters so I can easily move it around if I want.

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7 thoughts on “Sue Bleiweiss’ studio (2)

  1. I am a firm believer that if it works for you don’t mess with a thing.  I cleaned my studio up for a studio tour once and it took me months to be able to find things and work again.  Your studio is for you after all. 

    Love the lifting machines and inserts.  Mine is perminetly up and the insert doesn’t fit well.  I loose a lot of pins and scissors that way.

    Looks like great light to Love it.


  2. I think many of us would like to know how to make the wood cutouts for the machine and inserts to fill the spaces when the machines are down.  Does anyone know what tools are required and how that is done?  Beautiful work!  Thanks for sharing it.

  3. to make the wood cutouts he just used some paper to make a template and then used it to cut a piece of wood to size.  To make the inserts when the machine are down the openings were measured and the wood cut to size.   No special tools required, jany wood cutting saw would work but I believe he used a band saw to make to cuts.