Summer Promises

The thread play on photo canvas continues…my photo, printed onto canvas, added thread to all fence line balsam and the rustic fence post, which has been through at least one fire, I think. I layered two fabrics(the green and yellow pieces are my hand dyed) and batting as a base for the photo, satin stitching it all into a sandwich. I then stretched the fabric over a stretched canvas frame and stapled it down fiercely!

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8 thoughts on “Summer Promises

  1. hpthe cat asked for some closeups…man, when you get THAT close you can see every flaw! I instantly saw unclipped threads I will now go back and clean up! :?} The background is the photo on canvas, as you can see the texture. The foreground balsam is thread painted, the background balsam are not.


  2. Oh Thank You for taking the time! I see NO Flaws! Flaws?? What Flaws??

    What I do see with the close up is a differentiation in what areas are made of which media– it really adds to having a full appreciation of the work when limited by not being able to see it in person.

    Very Nice!

  3. I love the way the main center part “falls out” on to the background fabrics. Great use of mottled hand dyed to pick up the colors in the central motif. I’m glad I zoomed down into the comment section before I posted to see the close-ups of the richly textured thread painting.