Sun Angels: Meerkats

I had so much fun learning to needle felt on this little project!!   The story behind my Sun Angel's Art quilt follows.    In some African countries the meerkat is known as the "sun angel" as it is thought to protect villages from the "moon devil" or werewolf.   I just discovered needle felting and wanted to make an art quilt with some felted, fuzzy meerkats.  While digging for ideas in my stash, I stumbled upon a gorgeous button that clearly resembled the sun!  An image of a glowing savannah came to mind and the Sun Angel quilt was born!


The savannah is often shown in shades of yellow and brown and I wanted to make sure my savannah was stunning, so I weaved strips of cotton fabric backed with fusible webbing and fused them down to canvas to create my background.


I thread painted the savannah trees using my newly acquired free-motion skills (smile).  The fuzzy meerkats are made from felting and shading with various shades of wool-felt blends. 


My inspirational sun is a wooden button.  The glorious shimmering sun's rays, sewn with gold metallic thread, provide the quilting for this piece.  The edge treatment is a coordinating yarn, couched in place.


The shadow meerkats are cotton fabric that I dyed with inks and fused in place.  There are various other embellishments throughout the piece such as buttons, hand embroidery, and wood. 


Sun Angels…not your typical house "kat."

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6 thoughts on “Sun Angels: Meerkats

  1. I love your meerkats – cheeky faces!  Ha!  I saw some ornamental ones in a garden not far from here and they make me smile as they always seem to be looking after the garden and watching everyone go past.  Was interesting to read your story about them protecting villages.  I can see you put a lot of work into your wall hanging – I love it.  Enjoy.  Dianne (Scotland)

  2. The base for the felted meerkats is 100% wool felt in a cream color sold by the yard. That wool felt was all the stability I needed.  I just felted various shades of brown, tan and black wool roving onto it then when done, I appliqued the critters down from the backside (using a little fabric glue for extra insurance.  The stitching you see on the top edges if the meerkats is really just decorative.