Sun rise over the Blue Ridge Mountains

This was a fun technique by Margaret Miller (Easy Pieces).  I changed the technique a bit to suit myself, but enjoyed making this quilt.  Cotton fabrics, machine pieced and quilted.

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4 thoughts on “Sun rise over the Blue Ridge Mountains

  1. Lovely quilt.  I just drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains yesterday. I was treated at the end of the day to a gorgeous sunset that I just had to sketch in my journal. It will inspire a quilt for sure.  Congratulations on your interpretation…Jim D

  2. My daugher just sent me the summer 2009 issue of Burda Patchwork Quilts and applicaties .  There is a waterfall design in the same technique by Annie Jestin.  She took the design from  Margaret Millers book “Easy peaces”.  It is splendid.  In addition tothe lovely machine quilting, she added beadwork in matching colors.  I wish I could show a photo without violating the copyright.  Maybe this color scheme is in the book……Jim D