Sun-Tipped Mountain Sprite

About 17" x 19" this art quilt includes hands and face made of polymer clay. The swirls and the linear lines of the hills are done with a felting machine. All layers are quilted together and embellished.

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4 thoughts on “Sun-Tipped Mountain Sprite

  1. This art quilt caught my eye – as I have just started machine felting – and loving it.  It is interested to see what other people are doing with felt.  It is lovely.  Did you put a backing on it to hang it up?  I thought I could stitch the quilt onto a firm piece of material with a sleeve for a branch or bamboo cane.  Happy felting.

  2. Love your felting work,  loads of action !   I have a  felting machine for four years now and have never used it ! I love  your work , and look forward to seeing more, maybe I will get  brave and use mine.  Great work of art..