Sunrise Pines

I took my photo and printed it out on photo canvas. I then thread painted the black hills, and thread sketched the pines. I have now made several of these. Sometimes I just leave the sky alone, as a photo. Others I have spritzed with water, used watercolor pencils and paint brushes with water, and one I 'soaked' then sloshed the ink back and forth until it looked like a watercolor. Just sold 3 of them this weekend at a home show!

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3 thoughts on “Sunrise Pines

  1. I love this piece.  I’ve been working in a similar fashion, printed on photo fabric and thread painting. I was inspired by this technique from some work that Leni Wiener did in her book on thread painting.    When you say you are using photo canvas, what exactly is this?  I’m not familiar with the term. 

  2. Good morning, Elaine255!

    I first found and used photo canvas under the Kodak brand. It was in the same section as photo paper at an office supply store years ago. The advertising on the packaging was touting that your photo of family, etc., printed on the photo canvas would look like an oil painting. When I ran out of that brand, couldn’t find more online, but did find Ultrafine Premierart Matte Canvas 22mil, 8 1/2″ x 11″. Website is
    I have found that teensy, tiny bits of canvas are ‘punched out’ during the sewing process, so clean your machine thoroughly and often, especially in the bobbin casing. I also have discovered that if I color the back of the canvas the predominant color being thread painted it helps cover up the white pinpricks the needle causes.
    If you try it, be sure and use VERY stiff tear away interfacing on the back as well, to help control distortion. (if I am doing a lot of thread painting, I will use double sheets!)
    Oh! Almost forgot the ‘secret’ to feeding the canvas through the printer (it is quite thick). I tape a piece of plain copy paper to the back of the canvas, with about a half inch of the copy paper extending at the top, just enough to fool the printer into taking the whole thing in for printing.
    Have fun discovering!