Swans of Seney

Seney National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1935 for the protection of migratory birds.  At Seney, trumpeter swans flourish.  Seney National Wildlife Refuge is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at Seney.  The quilt was inspired by a photograph taken by my husband.  The water fabric is a Skydyes piece of hand-painted fabric.  The quilt measures 16.5" X 14.5"

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5 thoughts on “Swans of Seney

  1. I lived in McMillan for a while and often visited Seney.  I have taken many photos of the swans.  This quilt takes me back to those visits.  Your quilt is beautiful.

  2. Thank you all so much for your comments.  I love going to Seney.  We like to pull off the road and turn off the truck to listen to the wildlife.  The trumpeter swans are fabulous!!!  I enjoyed making this quilt.