Take wing

The inspiration for this piece is the lush wildlife around central Florida, and draws on techniques from Jill Kennedy's article in June/July issue of Quilting Arts and Melanie Testa's Inspired to Quilt book. Made with paper towels colored during dying & painting projects, hand-dyed fabrics, painted and stencilled, sandwiched between duck backing and tulle, free-motion machine stitched and further embellished with glitter.  Dimension: 14"x24".

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7 thoughts on “Take wing

  1. Wow, Crafty!  I love this piece.  The Sandhill Crane is my favorite bird and I live in Central florida,so I recognize the atmosphere.  Great use of techniques…….Jim D

  2. Dear All — thank you all taking time to share your reactions . . . it was my first attempt at these techniques and this community has posted so many exquisite works of art that I was nervous about showing this piece. Your gracious encouragement is  humbly appreciated!

    To The Needler — the Sandhill Crane is also my favorite. They are so elegant and self-possessed. There is nothing like the crane’s percussive. trumpeting call to its family. I so wish I could portray it in stitch.

  3. Absolutely beautiful use of color to create a shimmering, emphemeral quality to the piece.  Very dream-like. I’d love to see some details posted tp see how you did the eides of the flowers andbird wings.