Taxi Mom

Mother Swan is taking her cygnets across the pond, keeping one eye on the "road" and one eye on the "kids."

Meanwhile, the kids are, of course, bickering and fussing with each other "as usual."

Satin background used for pond, white cotton applique for swan with thread-painted shading and appliqued thread-outlined feathers.  Mother Swan's feathers are satin and organza.  The pond ripples are quilted around Mother Swan.  Beak is hand beaded with paper bead eyes.

Cygnets are felted onto top layer of fabric and have beaded beaks.

Hand beaded and purchased beading detail.

First detail shows Mother Swan's neck and a portion of a cygnet's neck.  Thread painting and a stitched feather can also be seen.

Detail 2 shows feather stitching and beading detail, quilted ripple detail, thread painting, and beaded wake.

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7 thoughts on “Taxi Mom

  1. Such funky, fuzzy babies!  Love them, and the elegance of ‘Mom”. The Canada geese broods not far from my home are to the stage of growth that looks very similiar to your baby swans.  I call it the homely dodo bird stage! :?}

  2. Beautiful use of color.  You have captured the grace of the swan, and the “fuzziness” of the babies.  I temporarily live in Holland and see the swans all the time – this is a fabulous representation.  Well done.

  3. Absolutely beautiful!  Now I understand even more about the Ugly Duckling!   Those little ones are sooo sweet!  This workmanship and artistic rendering is excellent!

  4. A true “sparkler”…and quite original too.  When I added the white rippling to the water in my piece “Vigil”  I was thinking about sparkle too, but you really nailed it.  You have my vote, good luck!!