tea series 1- mama’s morning ritual

This was the first in a series of quilts about tea.  I started these after reading Art Quilt workbook.  I still have 2 more to quilt. I pieced the background.  I found the beautiful ladies on a piece of fabric.  I fused them on, heavily thread painted the hair and parts of their clothes.  I added beads to their hair decorations.  I tried to copy, freehand, my china set.  They were hand embroderied and needle turned applique. (except for the handle)  The squezzy is layers of fusible web and some shiny fabric I found in my crazy quilt fabric, it looked metallic.  The tea label and string is actually from my morning cup of tea.  I was happy with how it turned out.


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2 thoughts on “tea series 1- mama’s morning ritual

  1. Beautiful work.

    FYI: I want to tell you about a book given to me by a dear friend. The title is “The Book of Tea”, by Okakura Kabuzo

    It is a very interesting history of tea and the rituals of tea in the orient, tea houses etc, with very pretty charcoal illustrations. It is also a beautiful book in a “green tea” colored and patterned slip case. It may be something you might want to display with your tea series.


  2. Oh! Great thanks for the tip.  I haven’t read a book about the history of tea.  When I started these, I could not find one.

    Thanks so much