Teddy Bears Parade

This was original done for a Keepsake Quilting contest (Welcome Baby), but it wasn't finished in time.
The portrait is taken from a photo I took several years ago of a friends baby. It was painted with Tsukineko Ink. The out side bands are hand-painted fabric with Setacolor paint. The bears are pre-cut shapes blanket stitched down and the cords are whipped stitched.

This is machine quilted and it measures 30X30".

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2 thoughts on “Teddy Bears Parade

  1. This quilt is wonderful.  Too bad it didn’t get finished in time.  There will come a better use for this quilt. Quilts have a life of their own. The painting is wonderful.


  2. Thank you, actually I am entering it and a couple of others in the High Plains Quilt show in 2 weeks. We will see how it does. Hopefully I will get some good feedback.