8 thoughts on “Terri Stegmiller’s studio

  1. Yes what is out the window

    I see you have too have discovered the joy of a higher cutting table.  I have a commercial cutting table and a new one that is on 5 kitchen pots and pan drawers.  My commercial table now just holds projects in piles waiting to be finished.  I even have a drafters chair up to my  new cutting table and that is where I spend most of my time working by hand.  I like you just love it. 

    My back doesn’t hurt when I cut on this higher table and I am only 5’3″  I can’t imagine how tall people work on those shorter tables.  My table is on wheels so it is even higher 42 1/2 inches high

  2. Thanks Jane and Whidbey!  The view out the window….my studio is in a daylight basement…the house sits on a hill with a lovely view of the Missouri River, so what you are peeking at are the tops of some evergreen trees down the hill a ways. 

  3. All your sorted and folded fabric on view must make you want to get to work as soon as you enter the room. I am going to raise my cutting table. I am short (5′ 0″) but even I need a higher table for cutting. 

  4. Terri, I absolutely love your studio. The cutting table your husband and brother built is gorgeous…have they thought of going into the furniture-building business?…I would imagine they’d get lots of orders-(including one from me!) I’m working towards a nice studio like yours when I buy my first home. For now, I enjoy my 14’x7′ office/studio in my cozy apartment and sometimes sprawl into the diningroom for more space. The small space doesn’t seem to hinder my creativity a bit. Thanks for the inspiring studio pic.