The ABC’s of My Addiction

This is my “Tag You’re it!” entry for Quilting Art’s Challenge.  I have had the idea of creating an art quilt that illustrates my serious addiction to “creating” things so when this challenge came along, I immediately thought this was a great venue to do a small art quilt!  In the small 8.5 x 11 art quilt I have used a myriad of techniques to create the text that explains my addiction.  I have used beading, painted wood blocks, metal embellishments, several types of scrapbooking ephemera, stickers, fabric pens, transfer using TAP, and even hand embroidery…wow, you name it—I tried it.  I had loads of fun creating this.  The trouble was knowing when to STOP.  I could go all the way to Z if I had the space!! 

I LOVE these challenges as they truly do challenge me to try small projects that are fun and manageable.  FUN FUN FUN. 

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