The Blue Girl

My husband died a year ago, and this quilt represents the last "sad" quilt in connection with his passing.  I'm stuck as to whether or not to put a face on the Blue Girl, and the bottles need more embellishments on the labels?  If so, what?  I'm sewing on the binding to help finish the project, but feel it still doesn't "soar".   Any suggestions would be appreciated.




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4 thoughts on “The Blue Girl

  1. I love the composition.  I like the girl without a face.  It makes it easier for the view to put themselves in the scene.  I think the bottles are fine.  The whole piece has a clean feel to it.  If you really need to add embellishment, leaves and grapes made with thread or ribbon would be nice.



  2. I don’t think she needs a face. I am not sure that a lot of ”happy” embellishment will give it bang. it is a ”sad” quilt. Perhaps a shadow on the table from the bottles, or depending on your light source, something small, and nearly unable to be noticed, but maybe that would make it feel a little more ”solid”.  ;D

    carol k

  3. I think embellishments like found objects, buttons, and beads would make it soar. Plus I find it very calming and meditative to sit and hand sew. That process may help you with the sad part. I think your placement of everything is just right and your colors are good. You sort of have a triadic color combination with blue, red, and yellow. To make it shine more, when you choose the embellishments you might choose bright yellow beads and a small amount of bright green as an accent. I hope someone can agree or disagree with my comment because I have no art training. What I wrote to you I have learned on my own and I may be mistaken. Post it again after you feel it is complete.

  4. Hi Chris! I’m so sorry to hear about your husband! You’re in my thoughts and prayers!

    I wanted to give you a suggestion….maybe it’ll work. I don’t really like the idea of adding facial features, but I did think it would be worth trying to place teardrops in a light shade streaming down the cheek area. And maybe adding in a couple of wedding rings to represent “marriage”. I really like Spirit2Soar’s idea of using “found” objects, too! Maybe use REAL rings on the quilt to represent the wedding rings, and tiny sparkling  Clear AB (aurora borealis coated) Swarovski briollette crystals to represent the tears!

     I’ll let you know if I come up with any more ideas for you! 

    Hope you have a good day!!

    Becky 🙂