The Boys

Celebrating family memories with a glimpse of a personal relationship and natural daily life exemplifies my work. My goal, when executing a piece, is to bring a photograph to life, not just recreate the image.

With each batik fabric differing, the tangled pattern is always a mystery. The irregularity of batiks lends itself to the shapes I use in my layering technique. Variances in pattern cause shadow and highlight, giving my work its characterizing appearance. The threadwork blends the stitching around the edges.

Whether it’s a couple sitting at a waterfront, an old man reading his bible, or a family portrait, I enjoy capturing a moment. I use photographic references to create representational portraits of an occasion among friends, a glimpse of a relationship and natural daily life, or a celebration of family; my artistry presents memories.


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8 thoughts on “The Boys

  1. Maggie:  I love how well you captured depth and expression with the use of the batiks.  Well done. Portraits in fabric are challenging and you have succeeded.

    Karen H

  2. The detailing in your work is wonderful…capturing unclosed  shapes in fabric (which must be closed shapes) is very difficult.  You have achieved it very well.  You have given me some new ideas.  Thanks.