The cat in the garden

shadow trapunto. Free motion quilting

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3 thoughts on “The cat in the garden

  1. What a striking and beautiful work of art! This must have taken some time and planning. Also, what wonderful trapunto work as well! What fabric did you use? Also, if you don’t mind, what type of batting and what is the size of your piece? I have wanted to someday try trapunto, but when I see a work as lovely as this, I always like to know a bit more about it too…it helps get my courage up a bit! Is this your cat and did he/she help you? (my cat is always a great help in “holding down” the fabric for me!) By the way, just so that you know, I almost missed this picture of your lovely work because on my computer, it shows up as white without any detail apparent on the thumbnail…so I could not see it hardly at all until I opened it…I am glad that I did! Lovely work!

  2. Thank you so much for your comments.

    This quilt is ca. 85×60 cm. The front and back is a thin white cotton, and the quilt-batting is a normal polyester batting. For the trapunto I used a green fleece.

    It is inspired by my cat, and when he was a kitten, he liked to help me with the sewing machine, but now he is getting old and likes to rest on his pillow and sound like a sewing machine. That is nice to.