"The Circle of Life: Sky, Earth, and Water" by Jan Stone and Diane Gillespie

Quilter in Distress: Jan Stone
Rescuer: Diane Gillespie

"The Circle of Life: Sky, Earth, and Water" • 20" x 19"

Jan: "Many years ago, when I decided I wanted to step away from traditional quilt making and try my hand at art quilts, I started this little quilt. Wow, was this a learning experience. I was going for an off-beat summer, fall, winter, spring thing. As you can see I fell short. Things just didn't look right and I lost track of where I was going with the design. So I shelved the project. I have learned from this little UFO that I need a basic plan, and that I need to audition fabrics more carefully. I will say this little quilt gave me the drive to go on and now I would call myself a liberated quilter. I create my own patterns and seldom make traditional quilts. I truly enjoy miniatures. The person who gets this UFO will have a challenge. I know I will be thrilled with whatever creation comes about from these few scraps."

Diane: "Utilizing the stylized oak leaf shapes and colors that my UFO challenge came with, I cut, painted, drew, embellished, and quilted my creation to be a totally transformed piece of art. I wanted it to be a dazzling, colorful, flowing piece. I auditioned colors for the quilt and dyed fabrics and embellished with gold thread, beads, permanent marker, and embroidery."


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