The Entertainer- Saxaphone

First, let me say right up front that this IS NOT MY OWN WORK (though I wish it was hehe). I bought this painting last weekend in New Orleans from an incredibly talented street artist named Heather Pettersen ( Because I work in the same bold primary/secondary palette as she does, her work just exclaimed itself to me and wouldn't let me walk away without owning one. It just arrived via UPS today. It is acrylics and modeling paste on canvas and measures about 5' x 3'. I'm even more in love with it on my wall than I was when I saw it on the street! 😀


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One thought on “The Entertainer- Saxaphone

  1. Oh how absolutely wonderful .  You are so lucky to own it and let it light up your home.  Thank you for sharing.  The color progression is wonderful and I can see it in a quilt as background for many wonderful things.