the flavor of the month november

Nature regaining ground, pumpkins are ripe, the garden becomes a liquid and a sweet flavor us by the throat and announces the end of autumn.

Cotton fabrics, linen dyed handmade., Batik, lutradur, net packing orange, tissue paper handmade silk and falls. Fused, embroidered and machine quilted and hand

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3 thoughts on “the flavor of the month november

  1. I love your use of fabrics to create the pumpkins. The background does denote the sense of flavors coming from the pumpkins, but I wouldn’t have known that was waht you were trying to say without reading the description. Great use of textures and stitching in the background.

  2. Thank you very much. it is true that each quilt has a story, at least for me, but it is not easy to convey this history. Excuse me for my American, but I use a panel of translation, because my language is French