"The Last Maharaja" by Mary D. Lee and Bonnie Ouellette

Quilter in Distress: Mary D. Lee
Rescuer: Bonnie Ouellette

 "The Last Maharaja" • 14" x 11"

Mary: "In this art quilt I was experimenting with line symmetry to encourage a non-quilter to try quilting. I was successful in that endeavor but was left with a piece that I could not wrap my mind around to complete. I have held it at every angle and tried to envision further developments, paints, pictures, trims, or cut fabrics. But to no avail. Please help me complete this art project with new vision from another artist."

Bonnie: "Since there was absolutely no way possible to save this piece with the two layers of polar fleece, I spent a little time disassembling the quilt. I decided to alter the surface as much and possible and experimented with paint and stamps. Once the surface design was complete, I was quite happy that the surface had been almost totally transformed. I applied an appliqué that came from a pair of linen pants from the $1 rack at Goodwill. Once I finished the beading and quilting, I was quite pleased. I added a lovely piece of plaid silk for the binding. I then changed the biding to a solid color silk."


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