6 thoughts on “The Oat Field, 2011 (Threadpainting)

  1. TERRIFIC use of threads to suggest oat fields. The layering is just terrific. I especially like the few heads of oats that bend to the side or are silhouetted against the sky, which adds to the realism of the piece. What a little gem of intense work in such a small space!

  2. The FUNNY part is…

    I thought it was wheat until a farm friend referred to it as oats.  I felt foolish, and renamed it “The Oat Field”.  I have sold this piece, and later thought I really must research my crops.  Turns out… IT’S BARLEY!  Hilarious. 

    To my defence, I own a video by a thread painter from the UK, and she kept calling the green barley “young corn”.  It wasn’t at all.  Young corn looks just like blades of grass. 

    pretty funny stories.



    ~Monika K.