The One Who Got Away

A quilt created for my guild's yearly challenge.  The challenge for 2010 was an Ostrich Challenge.  An Ostrich Challenge is a Round Robin that never takes flight – in other words you complete all the rounds yourself.  I took the "art quilt" route.  I was inspired by the article in QA about Susan Carlson's style of applique and the fish pattern supplied in the magazine.  My first round was the square in the middle (with the Susan Carlson inspired fish in the pond), followed by a row of wonky triangles under the water, a curved element on the side (the tree and branches), a row of stars, a row of diamonds and a row of rectangles.

The idea of the owl in the tree and the fisherman sleeping while the big fish got away came as the quilt was being developed.  I drew the fisherman and put him and his bucket of fish together using Susan's method as well.

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