The Pink Tree

It's 1962, and five year old Lucy can't believe her eyes.  Crazy Aunt Myrtle has a pink Christmas tree.  Lucy asks her Daddy, "Where do pink Christmas trees come from?"  From way up high on snowy mountain tops, he tells her.  They're very hard to find.  Lucy imagines the pink tree before Aunt Myrtle chopped it down.  On the drive home, Lucy asks, "Can we have a pink Christmas tree?"  Her mother laughs, "Heavens no child."

Lucy's vision of the pink tree was created with 100% cotton hand dyed and commercial fabrics.    Lucy is wearing 1950's style wool coat and leggings (hand-me-downs from her big sister Marguerite).  The Pink Tree is fused, machine appliqued, machine quilted and hand embroidered.  It measures 28" x 17.5".




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