The Psychic

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4 thoughts on “The Psychic

  1. You must have a positive personality. How energetic are the colors and designs! I love your hand embroidery and the fringe of hair. Your piece shows lots of artistic thought.


  2. Dear MOncur, I LOVE this piece with its duality of the two faces and the shi-sha mirror for the 3rd eye. I’m a  long distance spiritual healer besides being an avid art quilter, so this piece really resonates with me….

    Great use of textures and yummy surface treatments. I’d love to see a detail shot.



  3. The Psychic is a wonderful mix of educated imagination, colors, textures, and balance!!  The eyes are captivating and the hair is quite clever and fun.  The black and white stripes on both sides adds just enough to keep your eyes in the boarders of this fabulous piece!!  It’s the best …… I absolutely love it!!

    Gay Hart-Brewer