The Woods before Dark 10 x 12

After amassing a collection of Landscape Art Quilting books, each one as good or better than the last,  the one that inspired this picture is by Nancy Ziemand and Natalie Sewell.  Simple raw-edge applique and free motion stitching. I haven't completed the quilting or border just yet….a picture in process

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2 thoughts on “The Woods before Dark 10 x 12

  1. Oh! Thank you so much for sharing this work in progress. Your inspiration has become mine!  I have been gathering birch tree type fabrics for years, ever since I saw a stunning quilt of aspen trees, 4’x6′.  I have wanted to make a huge quilt featuring a grove…even tried a couple backgrounds, batiks.  Nothing seemed to work well.  When I saw the background on yours the ‘lightbulb went on’! I hand dye fabric, and oh the idea of dyeing a giant background piece to set the stage-Thank you!

  2. That makes my day!   I can’t wait to see what you create with yours.  Have fun and keep me posted.  I just love the birch trees; they are so regal.