There’s a Place Called Mars…

Whole cloth quilt, painted with textile paints, D'UVA chromacoal powders, Tsukineko Inks, Shiva paint sticks, machine quilted

There's a place called Mars where the ladies smoke cigars.
Every puff they take is enough to kill a snake.
When the snake is dead, they put roses on its head,
When the roses die, they put diamonds in its eyes.
When the diamonds break, it will be 1968.

This quilt won 2nd place in Innovative quilts at the World Quilt show- New England, Judges Choice at the International Quilt Festival Houston and Viewers Choice at the Glendale CA quilt guild show

you can see how this quilt was made here.

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2 thoughts on “There’s a Place Called Mars…

  1. Do you know the biologist, Ernst Haeckel’s prints from the late 1800s? Some of the creatures in your piece remind me of his intricate sealife pieces. Great use of details to make your fantasy world!