A portrait of my husband. At first I thought I wasn't going to be any good as it is fairly difficult with those glasses, but when I looked at it from a distance it was okay. That is so surprising with doing these portraits.

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6 thoughts on “thijs

  1. Thanks everybody. I think you are right ‘Butterfly’, I don’t like the background either. I think I’ll change that. I use those back grounds to practice my FM quilting on and have quite a few by now.

  2. Wow, I LOVE this. I do like the quilted frame and your choice of color, really draws me into the portrait. What size is the quilt? Can you quickly list your step-by-step method? What did your husband think?

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for your nice comment.The portrait is 20×20 centimeters. Thijs likes the picture very much. It is a bit difficult to explain in short what I did, but I’ll try. You take a photo and photoshop it to posteredges and grey scales. Print it and use as your pattern. Then choose as many fabrics as you have grey tones in your photo. Start with the lightest colour as your base and then layer the other pieces from light to dark on top of it. Use steam a seam to fuse it. You don’t need to stitch it when you do that. I think the best way to learn the most effective way to do this is to have Maria Elkins’s workshop. She explains in a very clear way how you can make three different styles of portraits. You can order it at Interweave, as a download so you can have it the very same moment as you order, which is great. I hope I’ve helped you with this answer.