Äthos" My friend’s best companion

Äthos" is such a gorgous & lovable Labrador Retriever. I have not done him justice..i.e. making him look so velvety.

He is done with applique, pastels, fabric paint, & embroidery.  The pretty orange/yellow flower & buds…these were embroidered on a tee-shirt…yrs. ago, ( for me–from my younger sister )  I could not bear to trash them.

Athos, loves to run & wander in the North Holland woods, lakes, etc…smelling & sniffing on each & every little plant & flower..so I put him in a forest of flowers & plants.

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3 thoughts on “Äthos" My friend’s best companion

  1. You certainly caught that “loving labrador retriever look” of utter devotion. We have a Chocolate lab who gets that same look on her face!