time to come home

this is probably the second handmade  full size quilt  I made maybe about 16 years ago, first time I got a pic of it , I called it New Hands after a story in Women that run with wolves , after it was finished I gave it to my oldest daughter and told her to use it dont put it away , after all these years of being on the couch and being her best friend it needs a new binding , back then I just turned the backing and made the bindings that way ,all in all its survived pretty good , washed and dryed in the machine like its been, the stiching is still strong and the top is good shape , the muslin on the back is pretty thin, I thought some on here would like to see what will happen if you use a quilt, or should you put them away for safe keeping, Ive got to get around to the binding soon my kiddo is having separation anxiety over it not being on her couch where it lives,

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3 thoughts on “time to come home

  1. Dear Linda  Don t put it away for safe keeping – whats the point!   Use it and pass it down to the next generation so they can enjoy it.  Dianne