Tippy Tulip

This is a wall quilt that was very cathartic for me, as Tippy had to be put down.  Each time I sat and worked on this was difficult, especially as it progressed and began looking just like her!  The fabrics that I chose even felt like her real fur!  I used quit a bit of eyelash yarn and thread work to make it look just like her……….in the end I was very pleased to pay her homage for she was my faithful companion for 12 years!  I am interested to see what others think, hopefully, you will all give me some good feedback.


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8 thoughts on “Tippy Tulip

  1. i love your quilt. i recently made a quilt for my friends of their dog bonnie. she is very ill and managed to hang on thru the holidays.when i gave it to them for xmas they were very touched. i made mine a little more abstract , but they knew it was her instantly.my cats are my kids as Tippy was to you.


  2. Tippy looks great and I love the eyelash yarn and fabrics that make me want to be able to pet her.  I’m sure this piece will mean a lot to you over the years, as Tippy did.

  3. I just had to put my cat down on Sunday.  I’ve starting collecting drawings/photos to plan a quilt to honor him.  He was almost 15, so we’ve had many wonderful years together.  I love your quilt, and I know I have to go through the same process.  Thank you for your unintended motivation.

  4. I am new on this site, so I do not know how to answer a question that someone asks other than doing it this way, so bear with me.  I took a 4 X 6 picture of Tippy and manipulated it on the computer to get the image large enough for me to make a pattern out of, I then gave each part of the tracing a color or value and made it into an applique and began building this applique on a base fabric.  There is not painting involved in this piece just fabric or thread work.  I used polar fleece, ultra suede, and several faux furs to get the effect that I wanted.  Once she was done I appliqued her onto the base fabric and then used more of the base fabric to applique around her so that she looked like she was really IN the tulips.  I am glad that you have enjoyed seeing my work.

  5. It is absolutely amazing; I am such a novice and just do straight rectangles and squares.  I just had a quilt stolen; it was a queen size and one of my first ones,  It made me sad, mad, etc.  It took so long since I was a beginner, and still am.  How nasty people can be.