6 thoughts on “Toby’s Portrait

  1. What a great Quilt !  – It is so realistic. Love it. I am doing one of a wolf from a sanctuary and am hoping I get the same outcome – the realism.


  2. Hi Charm62203,

    I’m glad you enjoyed Toby’s portrait.  To make, I started with a picture of Toby that I manipulated in Photoshop Elements to change his picture into grayscale with 6 levels of gray and “posterized” him.  This gave me more defined elements to play with.   I copied him to a transparency, shot him up on the wall, and traced him to the size I wanted.

    Once I had the master tracing, I made a reverse copy and numbered each element by color, starting with 1 for the lightest, and 6 for the darkest.  Using Steam-A-Seam Light, I traced each element to the paper side of the Steam-A-Seam, cut each element out leaving some margin to tuck pieces under each other,  then pressed to the wrong side of the appropriate fabric.  I kept the Steam-A-Seam on the back of all the elements until I was finished.  Then I started to lay them out, using the master copy as a guide.  Once I was happy with the results, I peeled the backing off the fabric and pressed.  I used a piece of muslin as a background, which I later cut away before starting the thread play.  After thread play, I made my quilt sandwich and did additional quilting.  I showed some of this on my blog.  http://www.bluedogtalk.blogspot.com  Find the Wed, April 8th blog in archives to check it out.

    Hope this helps.