This is the first in my experiment with Lutradur and TAP.  I love both products already.  The Lutradur is the pink strip down the center and the beads at the bottom.  I painted and rubber stamped it, then waited for it to dry.  While it was drying I printed a page of words about toes and feet in different fonts then printed it in the reverse.  On the dried Lutradur I sponge brushed soft gel medium then flipped my paper with words onto it and rubbed it good with a paint bottle(thats what I had close by) As I lifted the paper the words tranfered to the Lutradur.  Some of the paper stayed on the painted Lutradur and made it look distressed.  I also tried wetting the medium thinking that the paper would come off completly but it did not, instead it was harder to get it to transfer.  The TAP is under the toes.  This product transfers clear and although I liked the wierd translucent effect it was not what I wanted for this project.  So, I printed my pictures on Priceless Tresures placed them over the TAP and kept on going.    The beads are long triangles wrapped around a screw driver then a dab of glue and a heat gun to seal it altogether.  The next experiment with be with TAP on painted Lutradur. 

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