Tree Stump at the Arboretum

Wallhanging based on a photo I took at the North Carolina Arboretum in Hendersonville a few years ago.  The dark tree stump amid the ferns and the fence were beautiful.  I used Bo Nash granulated adhesive to adhere the tiny bits of fabric for the dead leaves, used netting to create a shadowing and individually cut the ferns and adhered them and the stump is heavily thread painted.

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7 thoughts on “Tree Stump at the Arboretum

  1. Fantastic job.  What exactly is Bo Nash adhesive and where do you get it?  I think you have executed this quilt perfectly.  You can look at the quilt and feel like you are in the woods. 

  2. Thank you, Peggy.  Bo Nash is a granular glue (like salt) and I believe it is made for repairing tears in textiles.  If you get the Starter Kit, it comes with a sheet of teflon.  I use it in landscape quilts to adhere little cut up pieces of fabric to create ‘ground litter’ (dead leaves) or tree foliage.  You sprinkle it on, spread the cut up pieces on top and using the teflon sheet, fuse them in place.  I don’t know if Pokey carries Bo Nash but Joggles or another on-line store will if not.