Trinity by the Sea

I made this quilt for my SIL and former BIL who owned this beautiful beach house in Port St. Joe, Florida.  We used to take our children there for magical weeks on the beach with often hardly another soul in sight.  Sadly, they divorced and sold the house and therefore, I now call this quilt, Paradise Lost. The quilt meant nothing to them following the divorce so my SIL gave it back to me. Obviously, it meant more to me than it did them! The house is composed of fused fabric (I used the 'wrong side' of a blue fabric to give the illusion of glass in the windows).  The sky and sand are commercial fabrics and the grasses and evergreens are thread painted.  Shells we collected through those years are attached to the border using a sheer netting and, over time, some have broken–sort of a statement on my sorrow at 'losing' this magical place where we had so many memories of our children growing up.

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One thought on “Trinity by the Sea

  1. I love this!  I grew up on the Oregon coast and am always drawn to beach scenes.  You’ve really captured that sand- your-shoes,  smell-the-salt-air  feeling with this piece.  Although the Florida coast is different from the Oregon coast, this reminds me somewhat of the Oregon dunes around Florence.

    Your story behind this quilt is poignant.  I think it is very thoughtful that your SILreturned the quilt to you for safe-keeping.