Triple Lotus

The lotus is a symbol of purification.

Global Oneness states: The root of the Lotus sunk in the mud represents material life, the stalk passing up through the water typifies existence in the astral world, and the flower floating on the water and opening to the sky is emblematic of spiritual being.

I tripled it for good measure. Trinities have proven to be quite effective alliances, especially in spiritual arenas.

Perhaps I will land a quad next . . . or is that simply hubris?

Collage Painting (acrylic paint, collage, and stamping, scratching, flinging, finger brushing, rubbing, layering, laughing)
18" x 24"

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5 thoughts on “Triple Lotus

  1. Hello Carol,

    Very inspirational!!   BOTH subjects. I did not appreciate your art, UNTIL I read your descriptions from the Lotus & POD.  Looking forward to your next contribution….carroll