Turning Tricks

This is a large top right now , trying to decide if it deserves to be quilted or not, it is my second wackadoodle, which is designed to use up large pieces of ugly fabric out of my stash, its named from a old quilt pattern called card tricks but it is doubled so I call it turning tricks 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Turning Tricks

  1. I have been waiting for something different from you  & this is it !  It reminds me of those little “whirly gigs” something I played with as a child…a stick , with a plastic like windmill, that would twirl in the wind..

  2. Thanks Edyth , I guess we all have our comfort zone , and this one upsets that for me , I really like it and then I really dont , sometimes in the same minute, My friends here say words like disquieting and then one will say homey so I guess that is just the way it is , I guess the only thing worse than quilting it would be to just put it in a drawer ,I never start another until Im finished with a project so if I dont quilt it  I dont know how to move on 🙂 Getting that whirlygig feel was a hard thing ,either the fabric melded or the arms took on a swazitica feel which I couldnt have but finally two pieces came together into this,must have gone thru a thousand differant fabrics till that part came out right and then what to set them in became the battle, if nothing worthwhile is ever easy this one must be worthwhile 🙂