Turquoise Girl

Layers of collaged fabric and acrylic paint background.  Sketched and painted. Artwork inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts. Finished size: 4"x6".

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4 thoughts on “Turquoise Girl

  1. I love your “girls” – this one I have been looking at for a few minutes – at first I thought she was so serene but now I think she has many ideas simmering under the surface…..

  2. Heather – I’m glad you like them.  I too saw the tranquility in this one, then upon closer study, she reveals a quiet intelligence and a lot going on inside her head.  I wonder what she’s thinking…..  I particularly like the layering detail and texture on this particular piece.This is one of the first ones that I wasn’t careful to keep the layering away from the face – I actually liked the texture very much across the bottom portion of face.  A bit unexpected.

  3. Hello Flutterbug, 

    I know this is late- November- but I have just started hanging out here and exploring on the blog type places.

    I love your circle of friends. They are quite inspiring. I paint faces etc and play with textiles a lot. I think I may work on combining them after seeing yours. I like the unique personalities that you have created. Often the images I see are all either the same or too sweet and serene. Yours are unique and thought provoking. I would like a friend like Turquoise Girl.


  4. Hi Anastasia – I appreciate your comments (especially in November since I’m peeking in December!).. I have not been online here for quite sometime (life intervenes and detours us every now and then!)  Please share some of your work with us if you haven’t already — if so, direct me to the location so I may see.  I made some ATC’s featuring Turquois Girl, and I need to make more.  Do you swap ATC’s?