"Undersea Garden – Blue"

I'm enclosing some pics that I've been uploading to my blog and Fiber Fantasies Facebook page that didn't make it on my web site. This tiny piece, 13.5"W x 14"T, has a multitude of shiny buttons and beads to simulate bubbles and froth. Even the binding is moiré satin ribbon to mimic wave patterns left on the ocean floor. I am a rabid, avid "dirty nails" gardener on land, but on solid ground, I have much more control over where things stay when I plant them than if I were trying to cultivate a garden in the sea. Here, however, in my sewn water garden, I can have the same sort of control, so that the navy lace cutouts that I used to portray fan coral will stay next to the acrylic star from the hardware store that's sold to hold mirrors on a wall. I, however, used that clear, star/flower shape to be my make an image of a jellyfish. (upper right of photo above). If you look hard enough, you can find fabric with just about any design you want on it, and there are navy sea urchin shapes along the bottom edge of this mini-quilt. (In another larger, earlier piece, when flipped over to the reverse side, these same motifs, while much softer in color on the back side, were meteors hurtling through space. 

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2 thoughts on “"Undersea Garden – Blue"

  1. This is so lovely, it reminds me of many days that I spent searching through tidal pools on a coral reef at low tide. I wish that I could reach in and touch different items!