Untitled by Catherine Calvetti and Ginnie Hebert

Quilter in Distress: Catherine Calvetti
Rescuer: Ginnie Hebert

Untitled • 27" x 24"

Catherine: "I started this quilt with "smashed" flowers. I put it aside when I started to get frustrated with it. I was unhappy with the lack of a clear focal point. I have made several wall hanging quilts with a combination of hand and machine-stitching, but this one just didn't hold my interest long enough to get any clear picture of the end product. I will be delighted to see how someone else interprets the design and transforms it."

Ginnie: "Since the coloring of this piece was earth-toned I let that be my color guide. Dyeing fabric is my passion, so I decided to throw all my outdated dyes in the pot and see if I could come up with a nice brown. Bingo! Not only did I achieve lovely brown tones, but blues and greens as well. I had taken the original piece apart, but I was determined to use as much material from the original block as I could. So I over-dyed the gold and print to green, appliquéd the largest flower print to a darker toned fabric, and cut the itty-bitty pounded flowers into circles. I pulled out my stash of hand-dyed and domestic earth tones and started cutting various sizes of circles. After hours of arranging and rearranging circles on the hand-dyed piece, I glued everything in place with school glue and stitched around and around the raw-edged circles, using my domestic machine. I picked out a piece of interesting batik for the backing, squared it up, and spent a few hours quilting, with three thread changes."


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8 thoughts on “Untitled by Catherine Calvetti and Ginnie Hebert

  1. Ginnie, the quilt arrived today and it is 100 times more gorgeous than the photo shows. Truly amazing transformation! I am in awe! Thanks so much! Words are inadequate to express my thoughts. Catherine