Untitled by Cynthia J. Glendale and Lois Wetherill

Quilter in Distress: Cynthia J Glendale
Rescuer: Lois Wetherill

Untitled • 20" x 18"

Cynthia: No narrative included with UFO.

Lois: "I decided that it would be more interesting if I cut the UFO into a grid and reattached it to a new background. I used a 3" square for much of the work, but elongated the bottom pieces for added interest. Since the piece was larger than the required size, I opted to edit a bit out of the middle to preserve the bridge parts when occurred on both ends. I decided to leave the edges of the grid raw, letting the pieces fray gently for added texture. I found a wonderful batik in my stash that allowed me to put blue behind the sky parts and sand/earth colors below the horizon."


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One thought on “Untitled by Cynthia J. Glendale and Lois Wetherill

  1. From Cynthia – actually, I did provide a narrative with my UFO.  On my one visit to CA I wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco – and I did.  I took this picture – and several years ago I took a class in landscape quilts, and this was my start.  I had intended to embellish it with thread – but I love what Lois has done to it.  I can’t wait to finally display it – and remember my visit to San Francisco!  Like I’m looking out my window at the bay and the bridge!  Thank you, Lois!