Untitled by Elizabeth Overholser and Mary Anne Hawkins

Quilter in Distress: Elizabeth Overholser
Rescuer: Mary Anne Hawkins

Untitled • 15" x 13"

Elizabeth: "I made this piece with fabric that my dear friend Janet and I dyed on vacation. We made a rainbow of colors using instructions and dyes. In the fall of that year, Janet bought Valori Wells' book. I loved her flowers and made some to see how it worked. I made two roses and was very happy with the result, but wasn't ready to make a quilt with them. Over the years, I would come across the roses when I visited my sewing closet."

Mary Ann: "I cut the UFO up into nine squares to give myself a little more leeway in what I could do with it. The bottom two on the left, I left in the original colors except for touching up the sky a little. The middle two are the original colors and represent a rain forest with the glass beads forming the moisture and dew on the foliage; the bone beads are the animals that live there."


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