Untitled by Frances Holliday Alford and Shirley Ritter

Quilter in Distress: Frances Holliday Alford
Rescuer: Shirley Ritter

Untitled • 16" x 19"

Frances: No narrative included with UFO.

Shirley: "I felt this UFO needed to be cut up and used in a more sparing fashion. To give me courage (It is hard to cut up someone else's work!), I photocopied parts of the quilt and played around with ideas on paper. My final solution wasn't precisely one of my paper ideas, but it showed me that there needed to be expanses of the solid color to set off the appliquéd piece. It was a bit difficult piecing sections together because the original piece was two-sided, and it was quite stiff and thick with all the threadwork and appliqué. But I succeeded. I added some embroidery and beadwork around the edges to add sparkle and shine. I think the piece still retains the original fun and explosions of color, but now the eye knows where to focus and can enjoy the appliquéd sections instead of being overwhelmed."


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