Untitled by Ginnie Herbert and Catherine Calvetti

Quilter in Distress: Ginnie Hebert
Rescuer: Catherine Calvetti

Untitled • 17" x 14"

Ginnie: "This quilt was meant to be an impression of the textures seen in Yellowstone Park. I hand-dyed many colors of fabric to represent what were in my photo and then put them together. Hated it! I have since done a wholecloth dyed quilt that I am very happy with, but this first attempt went into a drawer. Do whatever you want with it! I'm sure I would never get back to it."

Catherine: "When a beautiful piece of hand-dyed material arrived at my mailbox, I spent hours pouring over my stash of Quilting Arts magazines. After incubating several ideas, I decided I wanted to cut the piece into smaller pieces and then put them back together. First I ironed it and determined that 5" strips would work the best. Next, I cut the strips into pieces of various sizes. I rearranged them until I liked the composition. I was inspired by Katie Pasquini's Masopust in the December/January 2009 issue of Quilting Arts. I sewed the pieces back into strips, ironed them, and sewed the strips together so it was just slightly smaller than the original size. At this stage I started going through my stash of beads, buttons, and paper cloth. I maintain a large collection of paper cloth that I created using the process that Kelli Perkins shared in Cloth Paper Scissors (May/June 2007). I also had a box full of handmade beads that I created using another Kelli Perkins tutorial in the July/August issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.

The word collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork kept coming to me as I thought about this whole project. What better way to express it than with hands working together. So, I traced my hands and made a pattern. I cut it out of my paper-cloth stash and zigzag stitched them on. Next I added some diamond-shaped paper cloth, adding wire and beads to the diamond shapes. The binding was hand stitched on the back after carefully folding it under. "



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