Untitled by Katherine Rushing and Alyse Axford

Quilter in Distress: Katherine Rushing
Rescuer: Alyse Axford

Untitled • 23" x 20"

Katherine: "I started this several years ago and put it aside on my design wall hoping the next step would come to me. I kept looking at it and nothing came to mind. I look forward to discovering someone else's vision of my beginning."

Alyse: "First I looked at the top of this UFO and I thought it was very busy. I resolved the design issue by looking at the UFO and deciding what I did like and working with that. I liked the upper left corner as I held up the top and I kept that. I added butterflies to match the flowers to break up the busy into four areas."


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One thought on “Untitled by Katherine Rushing and Alyse Axford

  1. Very nice Alyse!  A wonderful improvement on my initial design.  Thank you so much for taking my initial design and enhancing it in such a nice way.  Katherine Rushing