Untitled by Kathy Sulzman and Betsy Miller

Quilter in Distress: Kathy Sulzman
Rescuer: Betsy Miller

Untitled • 14" x 15"

Kathy: "I started this project a year ago after reading an article about using Caran d' Arch®  on fabric. When brushed out they were a little pale so I was looking for ways to intensify the color and stared adding tulle for this purpose. I had used a white on white fabric which resisted the paint and produced a nice result. Then I started quilting it and liked what was happening but I think it needs something else."

Betsy: "This piece had many different techniques in it, including raw-edged piecing, over-dyeing, stenciling and quilting. It seemed very dark to me, with black netting over much of it so I cut away some of that and as a tribute to the approach of spring I decided to brighten it up with some pink flowers. I loved the challenge of trying to get into the head of another artist to complete the piece."


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