Untitled by Kay L. Pearson and Phyllis Tarrant

Quilter in Distress: Kay L. Pearson
Rescuer: Phyllis Tarrant

Untitled • 33" x 22"

Kay: "This began as an attempt to use up some of the ever-multiplying scraps in my studio. It was mindless to just cut squares. I then began to sew together light and dark pairs with no particular plan in mind. Then it just got folded up and not attached again, so when this challenge opportunity presented itself, I thought it was a good way to see what journey the top could take in the creative hands of another."

Phyllis: "The UFO that I received was a very traditional one patch. The fabric choices and color balance were very pleasing, however. I liked the grid format and wanted to keep that while moving away from the traditional. Also, it was a bit too wide to suit me. I removed several of the side rows, folded them in half, and used them as the binding. The rest of the piece I cut apart in a way that I hoped would cause some movement. I moved the piecing apart, but kept them in the same position relative to each other. I then cut a piece of batting the same shape as each, but a smaller size. I knew that a printed background would be too much, but a solid one seemed too simple. I couched some yarn to the background and then added the cut pieces with the extra batting behind them. I kept everything raw edge to help make it look less traditional."



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